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Of all the places in the world, there is only one you call home.

At D3 our role is simple: To build purpose-designed spaces that incorporate function, aesthetic, and innovation to create a home that is livable, beautiful, and uniquely yours; we all have an idea of how our dream space should look, feel and be used. As designers, we make sense of space by providing a complete design experience from concept to finish. D3 provides professional design expertise to reflect the individual needs and personalities of our clients. We consider every space as a whole – each square foot, texture, colour, light, placement, and function that make your space your home.

Welcome to D3. How do you live?

Designer inspirational moment

Nothing excites me more than the unexpected. And that speaks truth of a moment shared with a colleague when introduced to a team of local designers that too inspires, motivates and shares the same vision for modernism. The passion for great home design, great scale, wonderful use of materials and mirroring function with beauty in […]

Spring time – Designer tips to freshen your home

Spring cleaning. I find myself without even realizing the connection of the season purging at the moment and scrutinizing each room to determine how it can be changed. And I realized this afternoon that this angst for change is all part of the routines of spring time. The feelings of being unsettled in our own […]

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